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Swift Yellow Jacket Removal Solutions

Prevent Stings and Nests with Our Proactive Yellow Jacket Removal Services


Yellowjackets are a type of social wasp. They are often mistaken as bees due to their distinctive black and yellow markings. However, unlike bees, they are smaller, have thinner waists and elongated wings that fold on the side while they are resting.  They also aren’t as fuzzy or hairy as honey bees, a detail you can notice on closer examination. 

Most yellow jackets prefer to build underground colonies, but they may choose an aerial spot from time to time. Their nests’ common spots include burrows, roofs, attics, and dark crannies located within your walls. 

Many homeowners disregard yellow jacket infestations because they don’t do any major structural damage. This is a big mistake since yellow jackets tend to organize swarm attacks if they feel threatened. 

Many homeowners don’t notice yellow jacket infestations due to their low-key behavior. The colony tends to mind its own business until it is disturbed. However, they will frequently venture into your living space in search of food.


There are many reasons why you need to get rid of yellow jackets: 

Yellowjackets will appear whenever you have an outdoor picnic, barbeque, or leave food outside the house. You can expect them to swarm over your picnic table all at once if they notice the food.   

Structural Damage

Unlike carpenter bees, these pests won’t drill holes into your foundations. They will, however, chew on wooden structures and drywalls while building their nests. This causes minor structural damages in the beginning.

An oversight could lead to further damage and costly repairs. 

Aggressive Stings 

You may choose to overlook the previous threats, but you can’t ignore a sting. The pesky wasps are highly territorial. That means the slightest movement towards their nest can trigger a swarm attack without a moment’s notice.

Beware: Yellowjackets can sting you multiple times. Their stings lead to redness, swelling, and throbbing pain. Some people may observe an allergic reaction if the bite isn’t treated immediately.

How Do I Get Rid of Yellow Jackets?

It’s as easy as 1-2- 3. Your qualified Bee Control Specialists have designed a three-step process to evacuate yellow jackets. Our eco-friendly protocol ensures that we tackle the problem with minimum risks to the environment.  

Check out our following 1-2-3 Plan.

Step 1: Identify the Threat 

We perform a comprehensive home inspection to search for and identify yellowjackets. Our first goal is to ensure exactly what pest we are dealing with. The right identification makes it easier for us to service the yellowjackets and remove their nest.

Step 2: Locate the Nest 

We search for and service common nesting areas such as eaves, gutters, attics, burrows, trees, cracks, crevices, and other entry points on and around your home. 

Step 3: Integrated Pest Management Service 

We use an (IPM) service that integrates several environmental and safe control methods to eliminate stinging insects. Our next step is to make your home uninhabitable for yellow jackets.  

Bonus Step: Our technicians will perform prevention services to protect your family and Pets from stinging insects. We disrupt the nesting areas and stop their reproduction cycle. Let Bee Control Rid Your Home of Yellow Jackets

Yellowjackets have a reputation of becoming super aggressive when their nest is disturbed. DIY routes can often go astray so call the professional bee specialists to lead the way! With nearly 40 years in the pest control business, the technicians at Bee Control have been experts in bee specialist services since 1995.  Our cooperative team will get rid of your pesky pest problem in record time. 

Yellowjacket Service 
All service work is guaranteed until December 31 of the year your service is provided. There's no additional charge for follow-up service if needed during your warranty.

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